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About Us

What is Politics? is a non-partisan, educational website aimed at engaging people in politics.

Ahead of every set of elections in the UK, conversation turns to low turnout, rising voter apathy and what can be done to tackle these problems.

At What is Politics? we disagree that people don’t care about their country and communities. We think that people do want to make things better for themselves and others. You only have to look at social media to see how passionate people are about causes close to their heart; you’re rarely more than a click away from some sort of online petition or campaign.

In some ways, people are more political now than ever before.

However, we do think there is a lack of political education in our society. In our view, people try to engage with politics but get disillusioned when they switch on the TV, pick up a newspaper or look online and hear politicians and journalists talking in a language they don’t understand, making references to things they’ve barely heard of.

At What is Politics? we’re attempting to change that by explaining UK politics in simple, easy-to-understand, straightforward language. And hopefully we’ll be able to entertain some people along the way.

We believe that making politics more accessible to everyone is the way to a stronger, more prosperous democracy.

We love to hear from you so if you have any feedback or want further information, please get in touch with us at contact@whatispolitics.co.uk or via our Contact Us page.

What is Politics? was founded by Matt Gibson, who is responsible for all its editorial content.