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9 Bald Politicians

Bald Mark Reckless became Ukip’s second MP in November. To mark the anti-EU campaigner’s re-election to Parliament, this post takes a look at some more follicly-challenged politicians.


William Hague

The Conservative Party elected a succession of bald leaders as it attempted to get back into government, starting in 1997 with William Hague. He once said of his hair loss: “It makes life very simple actually. You could be giving a TV interview in a howling gale and it no longer matters.”


Iain Duncan Smith

Current Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, was Conservative Party leader from 2001 to 2003. Defending the government’s welfare reforms last year, he said he could live on £53 a week – he’d certainly save money on haircuts.


Michael Howard

The Tories chose Michael Howard to lead them into the 2005 general election. The former home secretary’s hair loss may have been accelerated by the stress of being asked the same question 12 times in a live TV interview with Jeremy Paxman in 1997


Neil Kinnock

Neil Kinnock’s failure to lead the Labour Party to general election glory in 1987 and 1992 further backs up claims that in today’s image-obsessed era, maybe it’s impossible to enter Number 10 if you’ve got nothing on top.


Chuka Umunna

Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna is bald by choice. The MP for Streatham, fancied by some as the Labour Party’s next leader, shaves his own head once a week.


Chris Grayling

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling thinks you have to reach a certain age before you can carry off baldness. “Once you are well into your forties or fifties you can carry it off in a way you can’t in your thirties,” he says.


Sajid Javid

Culture Secretary Sajid Javid says his wife is the reason he shaves his head. He told the London Evening Standard: “She told me bald men look a lot sexier, you might want to shave yours.”


Mark Oaten

Former Liberal Democrat MP Mark Oaten blamed his “mid-life crisis” and subsequent sex scandal on losing his hair. He wrote: “Any television appearance would result in a barrage of e-mails, not about the issues I’d raised but about my lack of hair. Whether supportive or not, they all asked what had happened to my hair.”

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