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#Cleggleg – Not voting is like someone else ordering for you at Nando’s

Not voting in the General Election is like going to Nando’s and asking someone else to put in your order, according to #Cleggleg – Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

The Liberal Democrat leader made the comment during an appearance on Channel 4’s The Last Leg on Friday night.

Clegg also called Boris Johnson a t*** and admitted he’d wanted to slap David Cameron more than 30 times over the last five years during his interview with the show’s Alex Brooker.

One viewer commented that Clegg looked “as nervous as a virgin at an orgy” before his head-to-head interview with Brooker, who has never voted before.

Brooker produced a b****** buzzer at the beginning of the interview, telling Clegg he would press it if he doesn’t think he’s being genuine.

A feisty Clegg hit the buzzer several times himself during the interview, drawing laughs from the studio audience when he asked “what if the question’s b*******?”.

Clegg was asked whether he thought Boris Johnson was a statesman or a t*** at the interview’s outset, to which he replied: “A bit more the latter.”

He returned to the b****** buzzer again when Brooker asked who he prefers, Prime Minister David Cameron or Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, a question he refuse to answer.

Clegg was keen to talk to Brooker about why he’d never voted before but was cut off by the presenter who was keen to show the politician who was in charge.


“It’s like going to Nando’s and asking someone else to put in your order and then you get something you don’t want,”


Nick Clegg

But he finally got his chance when Brooker gave him 30 seconds to tell him why he should vote in the General Election.

“If you care about how people are educated, if you care about the environment, if you care about tax, if you care about the NHS, if you care about pretty well anything that affects our daily life; that is determined by politics, you should get stuck in there and vote,” he said.

“It’s like going to Nando’s and asking someone else to put in your order and then you get something you don’t want,” he added.

“If you don’t vote, you get a kind of government you don’t want so get stuck in there and vote,” he concluded.

Earlier in the interview, Clegg was asked by Brooker “one a scale of one to 10; one being couldn’t give a t***, 10 literally you cannot sleep at night, how s***** do you feel about what you did with the tuition fees”.

Clegg responded by saying he’s not the Prime Minister and his party only has 9% of the MPs in the House of Commons, which means that he can’t do everything he wants.

But when Brooker pushed him to answer the question, saying that that doesn’t affect how he feels about it, Clegg said 9-and-a-half, for which he received some applause from members of the audience.

Brooker went on to ask “how many times in the last five years have you wanted to give David Cameron a slap?”. “A few times,” Clegg replied, admitting that Cameron probably felt the same way about him too.

Brooker pushed for a figure, asking “10, 20, 30?” Clegg quickly responded: “More than that.”

Other revelations included Clegg saying he’d be going to more Arsenal games if he ends up losing his seat in Parliament at the General Election and revealing that he thinks Shadow Cabinet member Douglas Alexander “talks a lot of sense on Europe”.

The interview concluded with Brooker saying Clegg has been “a great sport” and asking him which party leader he’d like to see next being interviewed on the show.

“Oh David Cameron,” he said to whoops and cheers from the audience. “But your producers will have a job because, have you seen what he’s been saying about these TV debates? If he comes, he’s not going to come on his own, he’ll come with the Green Party and the Monster Raving Loony Party and Larry the Cat, he’ll have everybody here.”

Brooker said: “News headlines today ‘David Cameron won’t come on his own’,” as audience members laughed.

Finally, Clegg asked: “Are you going to vote?”

“I will be voting,” replied Brooker, as the pair shook hands to applause from the audience.

“I think we can all agree that interview is to political discourse what Jeremy Clarkson is to Anglo-Argentinian diplomacy,” said The Last Leg’s host Adam Hills after the interview.

Let’s have a look at what members of the tweeting public thought on Twitter.    

More fun was to be had later on in the show as hijinks involved the Deputy PM hurling fruit at Brooker while he was wearing a deadly sharp prosthetic on his leg.

A viewer also tweeted in to ask: “#isitok to ask Nick ‘snog, marry, avoid between Cameron, Miliband and Farage?”

Clegg’s response of: “Avoid Farage at all costs, that’s for sure,” was greeted by applause from the studio audience.

Alluding to a potential coalition Government in 2015, comedian and show regular Josh Widdecome, asked: “If you had to marry either Cameron or Miliband for a term of, say four to five years?” Clegg laughed and replied: “It would be your choice.”

So, what do you think? Was Clegg brave, naive or foolish to appear on The Last Leg? And how did he get on? Let us know by leaving a comment below…

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