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UKIPBands – your funniest and most controversial tweets

The Twitterati were back on form again today, filling the social network with a raft of spoof Ukip band names under the UKIPBands hashtag. We’ve compiled the most amusing and controversial…


Is Nigel Farage going to ‘Get Lucky’ on May 7?


If Ukip forces an in/out referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU, it could be a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ opportunity for the people of Britain to have their say…


@CjLovell with an interesting new take on a classic album…


And if you tolerate this…


Is he a rebel? Or part of the elite?


I guess sometimes they just write themselves…


‘Remember you’re a Kipper!’


This got plenty of retweets. Not good publicity for Ukip a week after its LGBT chairman quit the party


If Ukip had its way, they’d have to be renamed the Rythmics!


Below the belt or fair comment? What do you think?


Another variation on the Panic! At The Disco theme…


Suzanne Evans and Louise Bours may disagree. But Ukip’s track record on women’s rights has been called into question in the past…


Will Ukip be ‘Alive and Kicking’ after May 7?


This one made us LOL…


Mr Farage says he’s confident Ukip will win in Grimsby on polling day, but the party’s strongest support is indeed in the South East…


Ex-Ukip councillor Rozanna Duncan’s comments shone an unwanted spotlight on the party last week. But it has banned former BNP members from signing up.

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