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What is a peer?

A peer is a politician who sits in the House of Lords – that’s the place with red leather seats that you sometimes see on the news.

The main job of the House of Lords is to ‘double check’ new laws to make sure they are fair and will work.

It is made up of politicians who are either appointed by the Government or are there because their parents were Lords or Ladies.

Those who inherited their position from their parents are called hereditary peers.

The House of Lords is not as powerful as the House of Commons. The House of Lords and House of Commons make up Parliament.

The politicians in the House of Lords have not been voted for by the public. Some people don’t think this is right and want to see a more democratic House of Lords filled with people who have been elected.

Some famous peers include Lord Sugar from The Apprentice, who is a Labour peer, and composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber, from TV talent shows Any Dream Will Do and How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? for the Conservatives.

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