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What is the Party List System?

The Party List System is a type of voting system. In the UK, it is used in European elections.

It is a form of Proportional Representation. The idea is that it better reflects the wishes of voters and leads to fewer votes being ‘wasted’.

Under the Party List system, the number of politicians elected to Parliament are roughly in proportion to the number of votes cast for each political party.

So, to make things simple, if there were 100 seats in Parliament and a party received 10% of the vote, that party would win 10 seats in Parliament.

Each party draws up a list of candidates, with those it most wants to be elected at the top. If a party wins 10 seats in Parliament, the top 10 on its list would become MPs. The 11th candidate on the list would miss out on a seat in Parliament.

It’s not possible to stand in Party List elections as an independent candidate.

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